Roman Numeral Converter



we should create two kind of arrays.the first one has value of decimal numbers and the second roman numerals.we should also define 900, 400, 90,40, 9, 4 with them cause it will save us a plenty of code.we should use for loop to access each number in numbers.then in for loop we have to return value of input(num)’s roman translation.

Roman numbers
two arrays.

while number from numbers does not equals to input(num) then we write that roman num until it does not equals to input(num) it writes for example if input is 8 it writes roman number “V” cause for loop kept going until number was less than or equal to that number so that makes 5 closest to eight and that means for loop keeps writing“V” until somehow 5 becomes do that we should subtract 5 to 8 it equals 3 so it keeps writing 1 until 3 equals to 0.

That was all bye!





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